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September 8, 2011 / MojosWork

Detective Comics #1

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: DC’s flagship title is relaunched for the first time ever, with new Batman adventures from acclaimed writer/ artist Tony S. Daniel! A killer called The Gotham Ripper is on the loose on Batman’s home turf – leading The Dark Knight on a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Writer/Artist: Tony Daniel

Cover Price: $2.99

Page Count: 32


Some trivia for those who may be new to the game: the abbreviation “DC” in DC Comics stands for “Detective Comics,” which is why the synopsis regards this series the company’s “flagship title.”

I was already knee deep in Detective when the DC relaunch was announced, so I wasn’t as excited for it as I was for say… The Flash, a book I had never really been into previously, but could now jump on board with. A lot of fans were upset they’d never see Detective hit 900 issues (only 19 away!), or Action Comics reach the 1000 milestone. To you, I say this, DC will definitely re-renumber their books to acknowledge those milestones (Marvel has done this with Daredevil as it approach 500, and Captain America with 600, among others.) Quite frankly, does it matter either way? The thing that gets me most of all is that the last issue, #881, wrapped up what was an AMAZING arc by Scott Snyder and his artistic cohorts. I would have liked to have seen that keep going.

At least we get Tony Daniel. The writer/artist worked alongside Todd McFarlane on Spawn ages ago, and has been a writer, artist, or both on Batman for over 30 issues, so he’s trustworthy. Although, to be honest, I would have bought Detective #1 regardless of who was at the helm.

I was blown away by the opening title/splash page. Tony Daniel, you sir, have come a long way from X-Force. (1993 reference!) Tell me this is not breathtaking and I will punch you in the solar plexus.

There is another brilliant single full page Batman image that I could have easily placed there, but I don’t want to give everything away. And the final page merits a spot here as the IMAGE OF THE WEEK.

Sick, right? I have no other words.

Okay, yes I do. I don’t find the nose skin to be believable. It has too much weight to it… Then again, this is the cliffhanger image. Maybe there IS a whole nose on that flap of face.

Oh, I forgot one thing; it’s a pretty tantalizing story. Daniel isn’t all sizzle and no steak. We’ve got intrigue in spades: no idea what the Joker is up to, an in-the-shadows appearance by someone called the Dollmaker (solicited as making his debut next month) and a little girl who is someone connected to it all. This is how comicbook-making should be done. The only book that promises to get me more excited than whatever comes next in this series is Scott Snyder’s take on Batman (on sale September 21!).


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