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September 14, 2011 / MojosWork

Mega Man #5

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis (via The evil Dr. Wily may be in jail, but that doesn’t mean the adventures are over for Mega Man! Federal agents are investigating Dr. Light for ties to the Robot Masters’ rampage while sinister figures lurk in the shadows. And why does Dr. Wily look so smug in his jail cell? Don’t miss the beginning of the newest Mega Man adventure! Featuring a painted cover by fan favorite artist Greg Horn!

Writer: Ian Flynn

Artist: Chad Thomas

Cover Price: $2.99

Page Count: 22


Okay. After one complete story arc in Archie Comics’ new Mega Man series, I think it’s safe to say who will and won’t enjoy this book.

This book is appropriate, understandable and most likely enjoyable to all kids.

If you grew up with the Mega Man video games, chances are you will also enjoy this.

Everyone else, keep moving.

Despite my age, I probably fall into the first category (mentally). So that explains away my subscription to this title. If you haven’t given Mega Man a shot yet, here’s some more valuable information for you:

Ian Flynn’s story is fun, but simplistic, and that’s not a knock. Ultimately, this really is for children. Ditto for Chad Thomas’s artwork. Everything about it has a kid-like vibe. I almost wish there were more books on the market like this, because let’s face it, you’re not weaning your kids onto comics with Snadman and Watchmen and Frank Miller’s Daredevil.

In issue #5, the original Robot Masters have been reformed and are working alongside Mega Man to help the city. (I wish these guys would visit my hometown, ravaged by Hurricane Irene and then a second storm a week later. When they’re done, they should undrought Texas.) Dr. Wily is incarcerated, but he’s obviously got something up his sleeve. (The end of issue #4 alluded to as much.) Sure enough, one of his minions, the girly-colored Time Man, busts Wily out of his armored transport, while the scarf-wearing Oil Man infiltrates Dr. Light’s base and confronts a helpless Roll (Mega Man’s sister). Federal Agent Stern, the first original character to appear in this series (along with his partner, Roslyn Krantz) takes the Wily escape as confirmation that Light, Wily and Mega Man are all in cahoots.

The federales don't trust Mega Man. Easy plot thread to incorporate to the story. I approve.

I really expected that the second arc would include characters from Mega Man 2: Heat Man, Bubble Man, Flash Man, etc. Oh God, how cool was Air Man? Anyway, bringing in Oil Man and Time Man was a nice curveball, and incorporating original characters like Stern and Krantz adds some excitement to what could otherwise quickly become a stale series. (Mega Man fights video game villains from first game, then second game, and so on.)

I also love how preposterous some of the “Men” look. Time Man’s head looks like a cartoon alarm clock and what the heck is Oil man doing with a scarf? That’s gonna get dirty! It’s so campy, and borderline ridiculous, and I love every minute of it. If you’re into the lightest of light comicbook fare, you will, too.

Bro. Stop walking like you're hardcore. You're purple, have a clock for a head, and wear bellbottoms.

As for you, nice scarf, buddy. It's obviously windy, so good idea there...


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