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May 27, 2011 / MojosWork

G.I. Joe: Snake-Eyes #1

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis: Snake-Eyes, Helix, Alpine and Iceberg go hiking in Xixibangma, a Himalayan range, home of the 13th highest point on Earth, looking for the hideout of the man responsible for killing six Joes (all trained by Snake-Eyes) in G.I. Joe: Civil War #0. Old school fans will probably geek out when they see the Cobra Snow Serpents. (I know I did.)

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Robert Atkins and Augustin Padilla

Cover Price: $3.99

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May 26, 2011 / MojosWork

Detective Comics #877

Rating: 4.5/5

Synopsis: Dick Grayson/Batman makes a new friend in Bixby Rhoades, “The Roadrunner,” described as “a high-end weapons smuggler.” (Don’t ask what’s in his bum!) Then he meets a girl (awww), mobster Tony Zucco’s estranged daughter, Sonia Branch, who has gone out of her way to avoid her family’s dark side. One brief powwow later, Batman is hunting for a man named Tiger Shark, the same guy who presumably left a dead whale in Branch’s bank last issue. Yeah. A dead whale.

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Jock

Cover Price: $2.99 (Oh yeah!) Read more…

May 26, 2011 / MojosWork

Amazing Spider-Man #662

Rating: 2.5/5

Synopsis: The second part of “The Substitute” picks up with Spidey on the ropes, taking on the entire class of the Psycho-Man-controlled Avengers Academy. The two-page interlude of “Infested – Stage 3: Great Responsibility” shows how an average family man uses his new-found spider-powers. Finally, in “The Choice,” meet the Magnetic Man, a science whiz whose knack for electronics doesn’t transfer over to a successful life of crime.

Writers: Christos Gage (“The Substitute”); Dan Slott (“Great Responsibility”); Frank Tieri (“The Choice”)

Artists: Reilly Brown (“The Substitute”); Emma Rois (“Great Responsibility”); Javier Rodriguez (“The Choice”)

Cover Price: $3.99 Read more…

May 25, 2011 / MojosWork

DuckTales #1

Rating: 1.5/5

Synopsis (via Comixology): DuckTales is back! The hit Disney Afternoon TV show makes a splash this month as an all-new, original ongoing comic book series! Written by the creator of the Epic Mickey video game, Warren Spector, and illustrated by the fan-favorite Disney duck artist Miquel Pujol, this is the latest and greatest of the Disney Afternoon Revolution that ‘might solve a mystery,’ but will definitely ‘rewrite history!’ Existing within the same continuity as BOOM!’s hit series Darkwing Duck, find out why ‘life is like a hurricane!’ Covers by Pujol and Leonel Castellani. (via me reading this book) Scrooge McDuck gets guilt trip and is subsequently tricked into giving away all the valuables he’s collected over the years, which will inevitably result in some adventure and criminal activity.

Writer: Warren Spector

Artist: Leonel Castellini, José Massaroli & Magic Eye Studios

Cover Price: $3.99 Read more…

May 24, 2011 / MojosWork

Hoodtown by Christa Faust

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis (via Amazon): From the publishers of long-renowned Mexican masked wrestler pop-culture magazine “From Parts Unknown” comes this new lucha libre inspired pulp noir novel.

Hoodtown is a ghetto of masked wrestlers – an inner-city sanctuary of hooded culture, with a masked lifestyle evolved from 20th century Mexican pro wrestling, and inspired by icons such as El Santo and Mil Mascaras. The family gimmick is sacred, the mask is the sole expression of one’s identity.

Now, ‘Hood’ prostitutes are turning up dead, and worse, UNMASKED, and the ‘Skin’ establishment is as much help as a paid-off referee. Enter X, former luchadora with a bruised past, a bum knee, and no time to play Santo. She’s no hero, but there’s nobody else to tag-in, as her hunt for the killer uncovers a conspiracy threatening all maskedkind.

In short, Hoodtown is like Casablanca with wrestling masks.

Writer: Christa Faust

Illustrator: Raphael Navarro

Publisher: From Parts Unknown Press Read more…

May 23, 2011 / MojosWork

Action Comics #899 & 900

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Paul Cornell and Jesus Merino take Lex Luthor and his robot Lois to space, where he battles Brainiac and assumes the power of the black ring in #899. Then, courtesy of DC: Superman returns to ACTION COMICS just in time for the title’s historic 900th issue, which clocks in at 100 pages! Everything Paul Cornell and Pete Woods have been building to over the last year culminates here in the ultimate Superman vs. Lex Luthor battle! But that’s not all – this story will lay the grounds for an insanely epic story coming out this summer in the pages of ACTION!

Plus, an incredible roster of guest talent help us celebrate this landmark issue, including the screenwriter of The Dark Knight, David Goyer; famed Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner; the co-creator of Lost, Damon Lindelof; and the creative team behind the hit DC UNIVERSE ONLINE game!

Writers: Paul Cornell (“The Black Ring: Finale”); Damon Lindelof (“Life Support”); Pauli Dini (“Autobiography”); Geoff Johns (“Friday Night in the 21st Century”); David S. Goyer (“The Incident”); Richard Donner & Derek Hoffman (“Only Human”)

Artist: Pete Woods (“The Black Ring: Finale”); Ryan Sook (“Life Support”); RB Silva (“Autobiography”); Gary Frank (“Friday Night in the 21st Century”); Miguel Sepulveda (“The Incident”); Matt Camp (“Only Human”); Brian Stelfreeze (“The Evolution of the Man of Tomorrow”)

Cover Price: $2.99 (#899); $5.99 (#900) Read more…

May 23, 2011 / MojosWork

X-Men #11

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis (courtest of Marvel): Jubilee has been turned by the dark forces of the undead. And though the battle with the vampires is over, Jubilee’s own battle has just begun. Now a vampire living amongst an army of mutants, Jubilee struggles to find her place and to keep her vampire cravings at bay. But unbeknownst to her, one of her fellow X-Men may just hold the key to curing her of her thirst for blood. Could Professor Xavier’s own encounter with a vampire hold the key to her salvation?

Writer: Victor Gischler

Artist: Al Barrionuevo

Cover Price: $3.99 Read more…

May 23, 2011 / MojosWork

New Avengers #12

Rating: 2.5/5

Synopsis: SECRETS!! Who were the first Avengers? That is the question and this chapter will bring you the shocking answer. And how will the first mission of the earliest Avengers affect the survival of one of the most beloved Avengers of the modern day? The Dark Avengers team of Bendis and Deodato reunite and bring comics legend Howard Chaykin with them!

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Howard Chaykin and Mike Deodato

Cover Price: $3.99 Read more…

May 23, 2011 / MojosWork

Game of Thrones Episode 7: You Win or You Die

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: The HBO GO app justified the the existence of the iPad and lets me tolerate a purely tech word like “app” for joining our lexicon. The sneak preview screening of “You Win or You Die” is the best episode of the season, as the action kicks into high gear. By the end of the episode, we’ve got a runaway train on our hands. I pity all the poor schmucks who, for whatever reason, missed this advanced screening. If you knew what you were missing (keep reading, and you WILL!) your week will go by much slower.

Original Air Date: May 22, 2011 (HBO GO Sneak Peek); May 29, 2011 (general release)


May 22, 2011 / MojosWork

Game of Thrones Episode 6: “A Golden Crown”

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis (via DirecTV):  Ned sits for the king; Tyrion confesses and demands a trial by combat; Joffrey apologizes; Viserys receives his final payment.

Original Air Date: May 22, 2011

Thank God He spared us from the Rapture. It would have been a shame for mankind to be wiped out 24 hours before two new episodes of Game of Thrones aired. I won’t spoil Episode 7 here for those of you who aren’t taking advantage of HBO GO.  (You fools!) This iPad-friendly extension of the website is the perfect outlet for ancillary content, original vignettes and the like. Shows like True Blood have already created such content, and its just a matter of time before all of television is officially transformed into a multimedia experience, where Facebook, Twitter and official websites and apps like HBOGO are as much a part of the program as whatever you’re watching on prime time. So get on board. Read more…